Safety Tips When Operating Forklifts

Operating Forklifts

Operating Forklifts requires some precautions that are essential. If such precautions are not properly followed, their own safety and that of third parties may be at risk, which may result in fatal accidents.

Operating Forklifts also perform on a large scale. Thus, its presence brings many benefits to the work environment. However, it does offer some dangers that should receive full attention.

The purpose of Operating Forklifts is to carry out cargo transport, because under human conditions it would be impossible to carry out such a task. The presence of this industrial vehicle is very common in factories with large warehouses.

Accidents caused by the Operating Forklifts

The Operating Forklifts is a very safe tool. Through the recommendations of the industrial vehicle manufacturer and due training, it is possible to use it without any type of unforeseen being caused, much less accidents occurring, since, when they happen, they are serious or fatal.

When accidents are caused, it is often because the operator did not perform the proper training. Even well-trained employees who do not perform the proper procedures are exposed to serious damage, either to themselves or to the vehicle.

Every year, deaths from Operating Forklifts victims are recorded and the absolute majority of accidents could have been avoided. Negligent behavior is among the main factors, involving either the driver of the vehicle or employees who worked within the range of the mobile equipment.

Tips for working safely with forklifts

Operating Forklifts


The future Operating Forklifts must make the training taught a regular practice in his daily work, avoiding possible damage to the vehicle, his own life and the lives of third parties. As a result, the employees who operate the machine will not only be experienced, but also well-informed, ensuring everyone’s safety at all times.

During the training process, it is important that operators are aware that safe operation must take place from the moment they start their work until the moment they finish.

In order for accidents to be avoided, it is necessary for inexperienced operators to go through periods of supervision that may vary according to the capacity of each operator. After carrying out all the training steps, those who are able to drive the equipment must receive a certificate that they perform the tasks successfully and safely.

However, it is observed that accidents at work occur not only due to the forklift operator. Pedestrians can also contribute to an accident, that is, people working in the same environment as a forklift must also undergo training to ensure safety.

Therefore, they must be trained to improve their circulation in the environment where the forklift is present. Risk orientation is essential so that they do not become inattentive.

For operator and pedestrian safety to be guaranteed, it is important that there is a communicative relationship so that risks are reduced.


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The use of the forklift requires care that cannot be neglected. Learn how to use the equipment safely.

For many companies, the use of a Operating Forklifts is essential in the execution of processes, especially the movement and storage of heavy goods. There is no way to give up the equipment, but it is necessary to ensure a low-risk routine for all workers. And for that, it is essential to pay attention to safety items in relation to the forklift.

When it comes to safety, at first, many people soon associate it with the use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). However, in this text, you will understand that to ensure the well-being of all employees, it is necessary to focus on several other points.

Are you thinking of implementing a forklift in your work routine with maximum protection for your employees? So, keep reading and learn about the main safety items when using this equipment.

Professional qualification

Regulatory Norm 11 (NR11) is the law that coordinates work with the use of heavy equipment such as cranes, overhead cranes, forklifts, among others. In its description, NR11 makes it clear that the driver of this type of machine must have a driver’s license.

However, the “habilitation” here is not a CNH (National Driver’s License), but a specific document obtained through technical training to operate the equipment.

It is through this process that the driver learns to handle the forklift in a professional manner. Logically, this makes document checking an essential security item.

Seat belt

While the forklift is an extremely heavy piece of equipment, which can exceed 8 tons, it does not have the same stability as conventional vehicles – its center of balance is triangular. That is, if used incorrectly, the risks of tipping are high.

For this reason, it is necessary that the equipment always has a 3-point seat belt and that the driver uses it while on the Operating Forklifts. And no ignoring this care just because the forklift is operating in a closed place. Don’t fall into that trap.

Fire extinguisher

Even though most Operating Forklifts trucks pass different safety criteria before release for use, the day-to-day risk of fire is real – whether due to sparks from the electrical system itself or as a result of an accident with the equipment.

As prevention is part of any safety booklet, you cannot give up the fire extinguisher. It is important that a PQS (dry chemical) extinguisher is the most suitable for this type of equipment.

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