The 11 Best Corporate Training Platforms For Your L&D Program


Companies have already realized that training Platforms and developing employees is essential for their proper functioning, and this factor makes corporate universities even more common today. But, did you know that 89% of corporate universities are distance learning? This is where the importance of choosing good training platforms comes from.

 Distance learning training is the best alternative for companies looking for greater practicality and savings in physical resources. For training to have good quality, the first step is to choose the best training platform for your company. That’s why we made a list of the 11 best distance learning platforms for corporate training. Keep reading to check it out!

 The 11 best corporate training platforms



Twygo is the EAD Platforms used and recommended by us at Euax. The advantage of Twygo is that it is a platform designed especially for corporate training, so it contains professional tools that allow complete monitoring and management of employee learning.

 Among its main features, we can mention the complete charts on the progress of classes, as well as the individual performance reports that are sent periodically to managers, to facilitate the monitoring of employees and the team.

 The platform also allows the creation of learning paths, quizzes, tests, simulations and standardized certificates. In addition, gamification helps to motivate and engage employees in training.

 Twygo is also highly customizable. You can assign administrative roles to certain accounts, change the platform layout to match your brand’s colors and logo, and get your own custom domain for hosting courses.

 In addition to live or recorded video lessons, Twygo also supports PDF e-books, Power Point presentations, spreadsheets, etc. And if there is any doubt about the course, the employee has access to forums to chat with instructors or other learners.


Eadplatform is a simple and easy to use platform. One of the interesting points is that it allows live classes to be held with chat in real time, so that everyone can clear up their doubts and for employee interaction. The Platforms also has a forum for these purposes.


The Maestrus platform is also very intuitive and can help with employee training. An interesting feature is the possibility of creating an internal corporate blog, through which you can maintain communication with employees and inform them about evaluation dates, availability of new courses, etc.


Konviva is a very affordable training Platforms. It has an app for mobile devices, which makes it easy to use on different devices. Another interesting point is that you can offer content that is available without the need for an internet connection .

 In addition to gamification, microlearning is also part of the Platforms, so that learning takes place in a more interesting way.


Edools is another EAD Platforms that can help you with corporate training. In its differentials, we can mention the many options of design and layout of pages, however these resources are more directed to the sale of free courses than corporate universities.

 The platform also divides its content into integrated but not interdependent modules. Therefore, the price of the product is discussed in consultation, along with chosen modules, combos and discounts.


Thinkr is well known for its use in schools and universities, but it can also be applied in corporate training. The Platforms is very simple to use, which is a plus.

 Another positive point that fits the Thinkr in a good position today is that it is already available on mobile platforms. In addition, the Platform allows real-time questions to optimize teaching.


Eadbox is an EAD Platform for corporate training and the sale of online courses. One of its main differentials is the possibility of thorough customization of your training portal, allowing changes in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and via APIs. Another interesting feature is the possibility to broadcast live video lessons.

 Samba tech

Samba tech is an EAD Platforms specialized in online videos. Its main differential is that it works as a “corporate YouTube”. Contributors can like and comment on certain content and receive content recommendations based on their interest.

 Hotmart Club

Hotmart Club became widely known for selling online courses , but nothing prevents it from being used in corporate training, after all, it allows for a very competent management of corporate training.

 Its differential is in the affiliate program, in which it is possible to receive a commission to sell the course created by other people online. That is, you can act as a course creator or as a salesperson.


Moodle is a well-known distance learning Platforms in traditional teaching spaces, such as public universities, where it is popular. But in the corporate world it can also be useful.

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